Why Businesses Need to Get Ahead With Credit Card Chip Technology

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Forget the fact that the transition’s happening right now as we speak. Forget the fact that even consumers are a bit wary despite the fact that there are these reasons why people shouldn’t worry. The new credit card chip technology, EMV, is coming. It most definitely will stick. It will stay. And while it’s going to be a long transition (imagine how many stores in the entire nation will have to be fitted with these new credit card reading machines), and card companies will be slowly rolling out these new bad boys, the fact of the matter is this — businesses are straggling to catch up.Read More →

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Why Flypaper Might Be Related To Business Revenue Success

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This morning, while trying to get something off a high shelf, I caught a piece of flypaper with my arm.

Have you ever accidentally touched flypaper? For the unenlightened, I’ll explain. Three bouts of  vigorous scrubbing, four hours of work, an hour-long jog, and three episodes of “Criminal Minds” later,  the faint residue of fly-catching goo is still clinging to my skin. Getting this stuff to come off is a serious trial.

Everyone’s heard the old adage “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. Honey is sweet, sure – but it’s also sticky, and that’s what your business needs to be if you’re going to generate real business revenue success.  But how, exactly, do you create something like that? How do you make something that not only brings your customers the revenue your expected – but also the revenue that you didn’t?

It’s simple.

Flypaper Is Designed to Catch Fliesbusiness revenue flypaper

The thing that makes flypaper effective is that it was designed with a goal in mind. That’s why it catches flies – but it also catches things it didn’t mean to (like my arm hair, yeesh!). The key is in having a clear plan to avoid financial peril with your business.

What Makes a Business Sticky?

Stickiness is what keeps your customers coming back again and again. The stickiness of your business revenue can usually be measured in repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising as well as effective cloud-based bookkeeping. How many customers do you have coming back again and again with minimal overhead? Is your product so good that your customers have nothing but good things to say about it? Customer relationships are vital to business revenue.

How Do I Add a Little Stick to My Business Revenue Action Plan?

Evaluate. Stickiness comes from customer relations and product quality. Are you providing the very best product you can? How do your customers feel about their experience with you? Find at least one metric you can use to measure these things – perhaps a survey, or tracking online reviews – and take all the feedback you can get.

Pay attention to what works, and discard anything that doesn’t. If you ensure that every customer comes away from their transaction delighted, then stickiness will follow.

Remember – flypaper was designed with fly-catching in mind. Design your business with the best customer experience possible in mind, and you’ll catch everything you set out to – and more!

4 Ways to Know Donald Trump’s Take on Financial Forecasting Failure

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Who doesn’t love the hairpiece? Seriously. Donald Trump’s the poster child, perhaps, for a special kind of hair, but also for just mega-success, so you’d have to expect that such a man knows a bit about financial forecasting failure. How does one see all the wrong signs and then walk into a financial wall of fire? Very simply, actually, as detailed here:

It’s All About Accuracy When it Comes to Financial Forecasting

Hence, if you don’t have it, you’re going to lose. You’re fired as Donald Trump would say. Given he’s probably one of the most prolific entrepreneurs of our age, these tips would go quite well with his business ethic, so as someone who may be considering everything from a cloud-based bookkeeping service to a rent-to-own consultant or even a 2-hour tax return, you might like to consider the content here as a wealth of resources —financial forecasting failure Donald Trump

And that’s just the beginning. You can read more about it at the Income Tax Planning Network and Cloud Based Bookkeeping, getting access to services that’ll keep you on the right track with your business finances. But more importantly….

“You Have to Think Anyway, so Why Not Think Big?”

Donald Trump said that. Wise words. He also said all the women on the show “The Apprentice” flirted with him, either consciously or subconsciously. We won’t judge. After all, he’s a successful businessman.

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