Yes, Even a Reputable Dentist Can Commit #IDTheft From Right Under Your Nose

This story will puzzle you — because it's ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. But it DID happen. And, luckily, the damage was minor, but this prove to you just how unexpected identity theft can be. You don't have to be a real "criminal" to commit to it.

You can be Dr. Richard Ludwig, a dentist making upwards of $4MM and with $250 in cash in pocket; yet this genius was absolutely dumb enough to steal a poor man's credit card accidentally dropped onto a parking lot after leaving the site and use it buy $40 worth of pizzas.

Of course, the unsuspecting victim found out that he was missing his credit card and then reported the plastic stolen. Yet the credit card company notified him that the card was already used. Needless to say, the victim reported the crime to the authorities and the cops showed up at the pizza place to find the dumb dentist Ludwig still waiting for his pizzas to bake.

Ludwig was apparently charged with three felonies, a consequence that could land him in jail for up to 15 years. All of that for just $40 worth of pizzas.

And he honestly could've paid for them himself!

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