You never know, honestly. That tax planner’s nothing more than a human like you, and don’t even get us started on tax software either. It’s a given that income tax planning reviews are essential to get info on, because those tax specialists are like doctors or lawyers…. You have a right to get their credentials, see feedback, consult with them, and learn about their experiences from the best reviews.


That’s Why Income Tax Planning Reviews Aims to Give You the Best Looks at Some of the Most Well-Known Tax Planning Services Out There

No sugar coating. No fuss. No beating around the bush. Additionally, this is place where you get to read up on the latest news, developments and trends in the industry, so you can stay abreast on what’s going on in the tax industry. This is your place to prepare before your taxes get prepared. Plan ahead here before your tax planner plans for you. Enjoy.




5 stars

2hourtaxreturn screenshotAsk any consumer out there about their taxes, and they’ll each spout out a laundry list of must-haves when it comes to planning: accuracyexpediency, and convenience are at the top of that list. And not all in that order. The best part, too, is that holy trinity of tax planning services works together to achieve the best possible goal.

It’s all in the name: 2-Hour Tax Return, a simple service for an easy payment of $99, no catch, no fine print. The name of the game, though, is a convenience not only for the consumer, but for the tax planner. This ensures accuracy of tax filings for returns, minimizing audits by the hundreds. It’s obviously fast (as the name suggests), so you can understand why this service sits with a steady 5-star rating!

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5 stars

ITPN ScreenshotThis is where social media runs wild with a passion, taking advantage of a group of collaborators working together not only providing just one service, but a gigantic combination of services associated with tax planning. That’s the unique benefit of the Income Tax Planning Network (ITPN). Even better is their Income Referral Program, providing the consumer with a way for the service to pay for itself and then some!

Taxes aren’t easy. So you want every available resource regarding the industry, and that’s where ITPN’s value truly comes in. Plus, you get all of these convenient services from your personalized tax resource specialist, dedicated affiliate CPA, and even an attorney to handle legal matters, all for a low monthly payment of $25. Without a doubt, definitely worth the 5-star rating.


For more information about ITPN, click this link here and visit their site as well.




hrblock screenshot

4 starsSeriously, four stars ain’t anything to laugh at, especially when we’re talking about a powerhouse like H&R Block. There’s a reason why they’ve been around for at least a couple of decades. With that kind of experience under their wing, they know the trends, they have their policies, and they’ve delivered countless times in the past. And, surprisingly, that’s a big part of the problem with them!

Case in point: the tax industry is so complex that any company worth their weight in gold could easily suffocate with the stream of customers looking to file their taxes with them, and it shows in the numerous complaints they’ve had. No one can predict what the IRS will do, but even the best H&R Block tax specialist can screw up, especially when the pressure’s on. This is truthfully why such innovative services like TurboTax and other DIY softwares have made their rise in the industry, offering autonomy for the consumer in ways H&R Block could never do it (and, in all honesty, this is why H&R Block offers its own DIY software as well for the consumer who doesn’t want to drive to the local office and wait in line). What you need to know about H&R Block is this — many times, they’ll stretch themselves thin, and you can’t blame them. Plus they do cost a pretty penny. You may have the expediency and some pretty decent convenience with their service…. But the accuracy may be lacking from time to time.

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turbotax screenshot4 starsEnter: the king of DIYs for tax planning services. TurboTax. We guarantee most everyone has heard about this innovative software service, and for good reason. The main benefit is independence. You don’t have to pay anyone for a hefty fee every year. You do it yourself with the online software, and you’re free and clear. In the age where convenience took precedence, TurboTax took all the cards, but that’s actually precisely the problem —

Heard the news recently, in the past year? The problem with such convenience online is that accuracy can often go down the tubes in the worst way, even worse than when a real human tax planning associate screws up. Digital mistakes are like death to the consumer, especially with the rise of identity theft problems. And that’s seriously put a damper on TurboTax’s reputation. The big problem with “doing it yourself” is oftentimes tax issues are so complex that you absolutely need a true professional to consult with — thereby proving to you the average consumer that the tried-and-true method of meeting with the everyday tax guy has ultimately worked just fine, even if the consumer has to pay a sizable fee for it. Simply put…. TurboTax may work for plenty of people out there…. But not for everyone. So just tread lightly.

For more information about TurboTax’s services, please visit their link here.

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